Gorgeous modern Moss painting, Spring green and Forest Green colored Reindeer Moss with modern Indian Rosewood frame.

Preserved moss artwork is sustainable and can feature a diverse collection of organic materials and plants.

Have the beauty and feel of a horizontal garden in your home without all the work of caring for live plants.

Starting from £45.00

Designed for simplicity and made from high quality materials. Its sleek geometry and material combinations creates a modern personalized look.

This beautiful green art will add a vibrant punch of color, texture, and intrigue to your space.

Includes: preserved reindeer moss, 100% natural and sustainably grown in the Norwegian forests, handpicked and treated.

About the Reindeer moss

No longer needs any watering and can last for many decades. The color will remain in tact, as long as it is kept away from direct sunlight.

We try to help mother nature by using reclaimed wood only. This is the only highest quality Reindeer Moss panel. The wooden frame is cut according to size, sanded and stained.

Rich design full of hand selected moss. With this choice each part of the plant is carefully positioned and space is filled following specific pattern that recreate the same effect as the forest in Asia and South America.

The surface is covered by moss and is grouped in various areas separated by wide open spaces.

Various decorative objects are inserted such as trunks, leaves, pine cones and rocks.

Each piece is carefully selected and positioned inside the frame.